רגב אליהו ניוסטרם-יונג (aadroma) wrote,
רגב אליהו ניוסטרם-יונג

Hell Week, or: Don't Kill Anyone

So this is Hell Week for me at my workplace. My boss is gone for a week, having taken his family to Florida. Our proofreader accepted a transfer and is now a manager in one of our branches. So, my department is covering a lot of various jobs, and it's been very stressful. It's not helped by our layout manager, who told my boss before he left that one of her proofers could help our current state of proofreaderlessness. Today she ranted and raved that she needed to focus on getting stuff printed -- which can't get done until we complete what we need to do, but whatever. We are starting to fall behind.

I made a comment about wanting to stab 8 people at work but managed to not stab any, and someone I know took me seriously (stating, "Get your head straighten our dude!"). I told him that I was very clearly not serious, and he responded, "n todays climate of violence, don't even tease about it."

Just oy.

Four more days.
Tags: work
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